Live sculptural milling for Toyota in Las Vegas.


For Toyota’s annual National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, our team at Bot & Dolly was asked to propose an installation for an event celebrating the Scion marque.

We pitched a “live fabrication performance”: robot-controlled milling of acrylic panels, using Scion’s design language, over the course of the two hour event.

With dramatic lighting, flying swarf, and a slow reveal of the final graphic, the robotic performance was a conversation piece for the duration of the night. The finished panels were shared with the client for installation at their headquarters.


This project relied on toolpath generation software—implemented in Rhino / Grasshopper—to produce a trajectory that was kinematically feasible, respected material constraints (speeds & feeds), and maintained a visual appeal.

Teammates integrated the end-of-arm tooling, an endmill and VFD, with our standard robot hardware.

I was responsible for calibration of the workcell, the toolpath pipeline, and on-site support.

Critically, the acrylic panels waiting for us on-site did not meet the flatness tolerances we had provided. I took measurements of the as-built panels and wrote software to project the toolpath onto this warped surface in the hours (minutes) before showtime.


Project overview.

Shots of the milling in action.